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    I am sitting in the student center of the place where I go to college. Where I get an education. Where I share air and time and energy with people who pay a fuck ton of money to spend 8 months out of the year in the snow capital of the United States.


    I am sitting here. And there are these two girls in puffy vests and white converse sneakers across the way from me talking about the dogs they’ve had. One of the girls starts a story:

    "When I was little my parents got me this little black dog that I named Licorice - *laughs* I wanted to name it Blackie but my parents didn’t think that was a good idea - *laughs* and this dog attacked everyone! It attacked this little girl so bad, she had to get stitches on her lip *laughs*. We tried to return it to the pound *laughs* but they wouldn’t let us so we had to put it down *laughs*.”

    I am so APPALLED AT THE PEOPLE I ATTEND SCHOOL WITH, AND BASICALLY JUST THE GENERAL HUMAN POPULATION. This is one of the NUMEROUS examples of the exquisite peers I have here.

    THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. ESPECIALLY in terms of animal care. Trying to return a dog to the pound and then when that doesn’t work out, euthanizing it as an alternative IS NOT FUNNY. THAT IS NOT A FUCKING JOKE. THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT POOR DOG. Perhaps a previous owner abused it, perhaps YOU or your PARENTS were mistreating it! That dog did not have its own natural instinct to attack people, something happened that made it that way. It felt threatened, or was abused or neglected enough that it learned not to trust humans. And thus, when it found itself in a perceived threatening or unsafe situation, it reacted in the way it learned how to, in order to protect itself and communicate that Hey, I’m not okay with that. That is something you learn about your dog BEFORE you adopt it! Not AFTER, and then decide that when you can’t handle it, you’ll just put it down. That is NOT fair, it is NOT its fault. YOU should have done the research YOU should know what you could be getting into when you decide you want to care for an animal. This drives me fucking MAD because I see SO many college students - granted it sounds like this happened when she was younger so that is mostly on her parents BUT - college students who decide to get a dog or cat because AW ITS SO CUTE and AW IT’LL KEEP ME COMPANY and AW LOOK HOW CUTE MY PET IS, GIVE ME ATTENTION AS I PARADE IT AROUND. 

    NO. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Take a step back and think about this creature. You can barely feed and care for yourself as a person, do NOT go try and be responsible for an animal. It will suffer and you will get tired of it and you won’t be able to afford it and that simply becomes unfair and inhumane. I will NOT stand for that.

    Oh my GOD.

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to become such a big post, I just hear such stupid people talk about such terrible things so carelessly. NEWSFLASH dogs were here first, they’re not naturally domesticated, we did that! They’re just sweet, innocent beings at the mercy of human companionship. Stop punishing them for being loving and lovable. Please just think.

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  • "I just realized that I could give you the entirety of the planets, stars, galaxies, universes, and their paradoxes, and it still would not be enough for you."
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  • "It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand."
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